30th November 2013


I still own a Nokia 920

This is an update on my previous post covering all the issues that I experienced since I bought a Nokia 920.

After several months of email and Twitter exchanges with Nokia, I accepted that they ship me a white (glossy) Nokia 920. I told them that I would contact them again if this device also had build quality issues. They replied that they understood and that the would do additional testing specifically on he device that they were sending me.

I received the phone this week and I’m very glad that I accepted their proposition (for now at least). The glossy model is super slick and feels much more solid than the black (matte) model. There’s 0 creaking and the proximity sensor is different.

If the hardware problems are gone for good, this is the phone that I would buy today.

30th August 2013


I’m giving up on my Nokia 920

UPDATE, I still own a Nokia 920.

I’ve been a Nokia fan for several years. My first smartphone was the 5800 XpressMusic. It was a great multimedia player and an amazing GPS. When I got interested into photography, I bought the N8. It’s still a device that amazes me. Beside the crazy 12 MP camera, it’s capable of reading a movie from a USB stick while outputting it to a HDTV using cables that come with the phone. Pretty good for a device that was sold in 2010.

When I saw the revealing of the Nokia Lumia 920, I immediately wanted to get it. I was attracted to the amazing camera and the speedy WP8 OS. One of my friend had the Nokia Lumia 800 which appeared to be similarly constructed to the 920. His 800 is still in perfect condition today.

As soon as I could, I bought the 920. This is the smartphone hell that I went through for the past few months.

March 10th

I buy the phone at Best Buy, staying with my current provider (Rogers). I immediately love the phone. It doesn’t feel heavy like all the reviewers say. Windows Phone 8 is super fast, the screen and the camera are amazing. I start noticing noises when I take it out of my pocket. The creaking sound is worse when the phone is hot. I notice that body of the phone is actually moving towards the screen and away from it as I manipulate the device.

March 12th

I go back to Best Buy and request an exchange. The girl says that it might be normal and that I should not worry about all that creaking. I gently explain that this is totally unacceptable for a 599$ premium device. She gives me a new Nokia Lumia 920.

April 16th

After a few weeks with the second 920, the proximity sensor is failing. I cannot type my voicemail code as the phone keeps the screen disabled when I take it away from my head. I also notice that there is dust in the front facing camera. This time, I go to Rogers and show them my phone. They send it to a Nokia repair center and I load the SIM into my N8 while I wait for the 920. I get the phone back about 10 days later.

June 12th

I can see dust accumulating once again in the front-facing camera. I go back to Rogers and they send the phone once more to a Nokia repair center. I get the “repaired” Lumia 11 days later. My trusty N8 was once more my phone during those 11 days.

July 12th

I notice dust in my front facing camera AGAIN. I tweet this:

Nokia contacts me and helps me. They have great customer support. After a few email exchanges, they agree to send me a new 920. Once more, I send my phone and use my N8 while I wait to receive the third new Lumia. I get it a few days later.


It’s been a few weeks now since I received the third new 920. Guess what, it’s creaking, and it’s making me crazy. I am now convinced that all the Nokia 920 have build quality issues of some sort. Searching for “920 creaking” in the wpcentral forum returns numerous threads full of people with experiences similar to mine. Some have actually returned their 920 for the 7th time. I guess that it’s possible to ignore those kind of issues. One of my friends goes around with an iPhone full of dust in the rear camera and he doesn’t care. I’m not like that, I expect a phone as solid as my N8 when I pay 599$ for a flagship device.

So many issues in so little time. I’m currently discussing with Nokia over Twitter, trying to reactivate my previous ticket. This time, I want a refund, I’m giving up on the Nokia 920.

28th June 2013


Juxtapoz Magazine - A Mechanical Mind's Tiny Steampunk Insects →

I want one (or several)

30th May 2013

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あごひげ海賊団 : 食べたら呪われそうなパイナップル




あごひげ海賊団 : 食べたら呪われそうなパイナップル


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28th May 2013

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The Girls Of Adventure Time [Cosplay]

Marceline, Fionna, and Princess Bubblegum cosplay

Wow! Well done!




The Girls Of Adventure Time [Cosplay]

Marceline, Fionna, and Princess Bubblegum cosplay

Wow! Well done!

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27th May 2013


Daft Punk’s “Lose Yourself to Dance” over amazing Soul Train footage.

26th May 2013

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Easy, Breezy, Beautiful.

Keep in mind that, at this point, Pepper has literally just walked out of a deadly and engulfing fire.

And, in case you were worried, don’t fret: yes, Gwynnie’s awesome black sports bra had apparently also been injected with the Extremis virus.


If Pepper Potts is any indicator, one cruel side effect of the Extremis virus is improbably perfect lipstick.— Merlin Mann (@hotdogsladies) May 25, 2013


Easy, Breezy, Beautiful.

Keep in mind that, at this point, Pepper has literally just walked out of a deadly and engulfing fire.

And, in case you were worried, don’t fret: yes, Gwynnie’s awesome black sports bra had apparently also been injected with the Extremis virus.


17th March 2013


So I bought a Windows Phone

I bought the Nokia 920 because of its hardware quality and amazing camera. I was a bit worried about WP8… After a week with it, I am pleasantly surprised.

WP8 is incredibly fast and beautiful, it feels much more modern than iOS. However, there were two shortcomings of the platform that were causing friction.

First, there is no notification center in WP8. Initially, I was always late to respond to text messages. If you miss the “toast” notification, it is gone for good. Then, I realized that you can build you own notification center with the tiles. I regrouped my notification relevant apps in the top-right corner like this:

The second problem is the lack of popular third party apps. I own an iPad and most of the apps I use on iOS are not on WP8. After a bit of research, I could find high quality alternatives to most of my beloved iOS apps.

Podcast Lounge is a beautiful podcast app.

It has a very complete library. Podcasts can be streamed or downloaded locally for offline playback. The app remembers the playback position and you can manually add RSS links if what you are looking for is not in the library. The addition of a sleep timer would make it perfect.

I do use the WP8 People Hub to peek at Facebook but I needed something more robust for Twitter.

rowi is a very complete Twitter client. It can sync the timeline position using Tweet Marker so I can continue to use Tweetbot on my iPad.

I read a lot on my iPad and most of the reading happens in Instapaper.

Stacks for Instapaper is excellent and covers my reading needs on the go.

Note taking was problematic. My previous setup involved a Dropbox folder full of text files. There are tens of text editors on iOS that will sync with Dropbox. I was surprised that there is not even one app that could do that on WP8.

Metro Note is a free app that syncs with Simplenote. It has full text search in notes and supports note pinning, which is great for frequently used notes. I have switched to the Simplenote app on my iPad and have moved to ResophNotes on the desktop.

I have yet to make a choice regarding music. I am considering two subscription services: Xbox Music Pass and rdio. A cheaper and more annoying option would be to sync my music…

I was also surprised by some apps which are actually better than their iOS counterparts. For example. the IMDB app is superb and is easier to use than the iPad version.

In the end, I am very happy with my choice. I hope that Microsoft succeeds with WP8.

13th September 2012


The Mac, still an expensive option

For about a year, I have been using the iPad as my personnal computer. I used many hacks to convince me that I was as productive with it as I would be using a traditional computer. Looking back to that year, I haven’t done much. None of my personnal projects moved forward in any significative way.

I then decided to buy a laptop. The iPad did spoil me, I wanted portability and battery life. I had some money so I bought an 11 inches Macbook Air. It was my first Mac and I was realizing a dream. I was a bit dissapointed by the battery life but having a real computer that I could tweak was fantastic.

Then… my car broke, and broke once more. The repairs were expensive and I couldn’t justify the amount of money I had just put into the Air… I had to return it.

I still needed a computer. I stumbled upon a deal on NCIX, a Lenovo X130e. Same screen size and resolution as the Air, basically the same dimensions but much thicker. It was heavier that the Air and it didn’t have OS X but it did have a few important advantages:

  • The Lenovo keyboard is the best laptop keyboard I have tried;
  • 10h of battery life;
  • The price…379$, a third of the Macbook Air.

They processor and the storage are much slower in this tiny Lenovo, it uses old technology such as a 7200 rpm hard drive. With some time and an additionnal 150$, I could find 8GB of RAM and a 128 GB SSD that fitted in this little guy. Now, for less than 550$, I have an ultra portable laptop that is the fastess computer I have ever owned. I do miss OS X, but most of my time is spent in a text editor and on the web. With Sublime Text and Google Chrome, I am all set. I still have the iPad and it shines even more now that I use it the way it was meant to be used.

There’s a ton of crappy Windows laptops out there. With some research, it is possible to find a good laptop that will signigicantly be less expensive than a Macbook. I still believe that Apple computers are not too expensive, the built quality is exceptionnal. For example, the Lenovo is in plastic and makes more noise. Those are simply not features that I can pay for right now and it does not affect me the way I thought it would have. Durability, portability, battery life and performance are the features I really need. I get all of that with the X130e.

16th August 2012


Le Système, deuxième partie; les fondements d’un nouveau système politique

Dans Le Système, première partie, je présentais rapidement ce qui explique pourquoi notre système politique est déficient. Je suis loin d’être un expert en politique ou en démocratie. Je suis certainement un peu naïf. Tout de même, voici le fruit de ma réflexion.

La démocratie directe

Nous sommes en 2012, la technologie n’a jamais été aussi présente dans nos vies. Nous venons d’envoyer un robot gros comme une voiture qui s’est posé tout doucement sur Mars. Si on s’y met à plusieurs, nous trouverons une façon de consulter toute la population pouvant voter facilement et rapidement.

Dans ce nouveau système, ce sont les gens qui décident de l’acceptation d’une loi, et non le parti majoritaire au pouvoir. Pourquoi ne pas instaurer une journée par mois pendant laquelle les gens pourraient s’exprimer rapidement sur différentes lois proposées et présentées par un groupe de ministres supervisé par un président?


C’est bien de voter mais encore faut-il voter sur quelque chose. J’ai déjà écrit que les députés ne servaient à rien ou presque.

Dans ce nouveau système, on ne vote pas pour notre député, mais plutôt pour plusieurs individus : les ministres et le président.

Le jour du vote, on devrait choisir un ministre de la santé, de l’éducation, des finances, et ainsi de suite. Il faudrait aussi se choisir un président.

Les ministres

Un médecin pourrait se présenter pour le poste de ministre de la santé. Il serait alors opposé à d’autres individus qui veulent également ce poste. Il y aurait un débat des candidats pour le ministère de la santé.

Ainsi, différents individus ayant différentes valeurs seraient élus dans leur domaine de compétence. Chacun serait choisi par l’entièreté de la population, de manière proportionnelle.

Ce groupe d’individus travaillerait ensuite pour prendre des décisions afin de faire avancer le Québec. Ces ministres voteraient entre eux sur des propositions et lorsqu’un projet aurait l’appui de la majorité d’entre eux, un vote serait soumis à toute la population du Québec.

Le président

À l’image des ministres, un président serait également élu par toute la population. Cet individu serait choisi en fonction de sa vision globale du Québec. Tout comme pour les ministres, il y aurait un ou plusieurs débats des candidats à la présidence.

Le président aurait un rôle important procuré par sa grande légitimité. Il pourrait utiliser un droit de veto lorsqu’il considèrerait qu’une proposition acceptée par l’exécutif de façon majoritaire serait négative pour le Québec.

C’est farfelu, ça ne fonctionnera jamais

Au moment d’écrire ce texte, je n’avais pas vraiment fait de recherche pour savoir si un tel système existait quelque part. Quelques personnes à qui j’ai expliqué rapidement ce que j’avais imaginé m’ont dit que tout ça ne tenait pas la route :

  • Comment choisir ces gens?
  • Rien n’avancera… (Comme si on avançait en ce moment !)
  • Comment gérer les projets en régions ? (J’y reviendrai.)

Aujourd’hui, j’ai appris ceci :

(En 2009, suite à la crise) 1 000 citoyens islandais ayant entre 18 à 89 ans et n’ayant jamais eu de mandat d’élu national ont été choisis au hasard dans la population. Parmi ces 1 000 personnes, 522 ont choisi de se présenter et ont eu un temps de télévision égal pour présenter leur programme. 25 de ces citoyens ont été ensuite élus par l’ensemble de la population pour créer une nouvelle constituante entre février 2011 et l’été de la même année.